Action Photos

Little Legends Photography brings New & Exciting packages to your club. Not only do we provide high quality graphically designed team and portrait packages, we also provide professional action photographs that truly capture the memories of your child's sporting experience.

We have a team of professional photographers that come to your game day.

All of our photographers have had the Working with Children Background check.

On game day we have photographers scheduled to take team and portrait photographs usually 30-60minutes before game time. Then we have photographers at the game shooting action photographs.


This complete and unique service ensures that your child's sporting experience is captured like no other.

Your club can choose to have the images displayed on this website or in proof book format for purchasing. If your club has chosen proof book format you can purchase your packages at your child game days or at training. Clubs have the proofs for 4 weeks and all orders are picked altogether up by a Little Legends Representative.