About Us


Little Legends Photography began in 2004. Our vision was to bring new & exciting packages to sporting clubs throughout NSW. We believed in giving something different to parents and players that was of the highest quality at affordable prices. We developed a unique ordering system that allowed parents and players to easily order traditional team with portraits and high quality action photographs.  Not only do we provide high quality graphically designed team and portrait packages, we also provide professional action photographs printed in a range of exciting designs that truly capture the memories of your child's sporting experience.

Our extensive print range is like no other. Our ordering system allows players and parents to easily select their favourite images and have them printed and personalised giving them lasting memories of their weekend sporting years.

Our prices start at $10 to ensure our photo packages suit every budget.

We have a team of professional photographers that come to your game day and take team and portrait photographs then a photographer will take action photographs during the game.

All of our photographers have had the Working with Children Background check.

We have been shooting the same clubs since 2004 and every year our number of clients grow due to recommendations and word of mouth.

 Please have a look at our Products and Prices page to see our fantastic range of prints that your club members can choose from this season.

This complete and unique service ensures that your child's sporting experience is captured like no other.

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic season.